More About Me

Few words evoke more emotion than the word “home” but the decision to buy or sell real estate is based on so much more than just emotion. My goal, with the help of the john greene Realtor network, is to use my experience and commitment to ensure my clients make the best decisions based on their needs and wants.

I grew up in Naperville and attended both private and public schools in town. After graduating from Eastern Illinois University my husband and I returned to Naperville where we live with our two sons and dog Kody.

I have a unique background with 15 years in corporate finance before starting my second career investing in and rehabbing real estate. I have pursued an education in interior design and have completed several successful rehab projects. The blend of finance, design and rehab experience allows me to have a perspective buyers and sellers alike will find helpful.

The proverb “Home is where the heart is” means your home will be where you feel the deepest affection no matter where you are. My heart is where YOUR home is wherever that may be and helping you find it is my passion!